Mishap in IEEE Hong Kong Section in 2017-18


IEEE Hong Kong Section was in chaos when William S W Cheung took over the chairmanship. He had mess up the Executive Committee in early January and proposed his hand pick Officers. Rushing through the 2016 AGM but never organised any Executive Committee Meeting or conduct the 2017 AGM. 


IEEE has announced the appointment of Interim Officers to replace the current Chairman William Cheung, Secretary Alvin Kwan and Treasurer Beta Ip via the Letter dated 7  May 2018  to all IEEE Members in Hong Kong. 


Click Here to see the announcemnet from IEEE Region 10 Director. 


It is a shame for William Cheung still claiming himself as IEEE Hong Kong Section Chair (Recently claiming himself as IEEE HK Section Chair in HK TVB News on 21/2/2019)



In 2016 Legislative Council Election, CASCOM Chapter had a sharp increase in membership from 860 in end 2015 to 2540 in end 2016. Most of the increases are new members suspected to acquire the ITFC voter eligibility. The current members of Chapter are reduced to 1900 in early Jan 2018. Hong Kong Government is now reviewing the IEEE Member eligibility to register as ITFC Voter.


Cap 542 - Legislative Council Ordinance Section 20Z

(e) Fellows, Senior Members and Full Members of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., Hong Kong Section, Hong Kong Joint Chapter on Circuits and Systems/Communications entitled to vote at general meetings of the Institute;


Newspaper detail the then situation

Mingpao 170824.JPG  andmingpao web 160823.mp4


April 2017

The ICAC Vote Rigging Case - 170403234509_084.avi is still developing and quite a number of IEEE HK members are involved and under investigation by ICAC.


Summary of serious mis-management in IEEE Hong Kong Section


In end 2016, William Cheung dismissed 11 out of 12 appointed functional Executive Committee Members.  He then form the gang team with 19 invited new ExCom where 17 are Graduate Student Members studying in EEE, HKU.  He took the control of Hong Kong Section as all his team members are in HKU.


The first, second 2017 ExCom meeting and 2016 AGM are held in HKU.  Under such situation, he control and can do anything he like through his puppet team, ref M17/1/1/1  of [1] Draft ExCom 1st EXCo 2017 Minutes 20170109v10.pdf


William Cheung called the first ExCom meeting on 9/1/2017 and 2nd ExCom Meeting on 18/1/2017 with call less than 10 days.  Only few Ex-official ExCom members join the two ExCom Meetings.


William Cheung had rewritten the 3rd 2016 ExCom Minutes which had been confirmed in the 4th 2016 ExCom Meeting and forged his version of 4th2016 ExCom Meeting.


He had rewritten the 3rd 2016 ExCom Minutes which had been confirmed in the 4th 2016 ExCom Meeting and forged his version of 4th2016 ExCom Meeting.


[2] 3rd2016 IEEE HK ExCo Minutes of Meeting.pdf

[2A] 3rd Illegal ExCo Minutes draft by William.pdf

[3] 4th 2016 IEEE HK ExCom Notes of Meeting.pdf

[3A ] 4th IllegalExCoM Minutes by William.pdf


After the 1st Meeting, he sent out the draft minutes of 1st 2017 ExCom meeting attaching his two forged Minutes.  The 2nd 2017 ExCom Meeting was held on 18/1/2017but, it is suspected no Ex-official Chapter Chairs joined and he never sent out 2nd 2017 ExCom Minutes.


In the 1st ExCom the Student who had no experience on the operation of Section and Chapter, proposed, seconded and carry some 10 motions, including: - 


* Dissolve the 2016 Nomination Committee chair by immediate Past Chair Chris Chan, .[1] M17/1/4/5

* Reject the Nomination Slate prepared 2016 Nomination Committee chair, [1] M17/1/4/4

* Create a new 2017 Nomination Slate.[1] M17/1/5/1


The 2017 Section ExCom Meeting carried Motions contravened IEEE Hong Kong Section By-laws and MGA Procedure Manual - totally immoral and  illegal.  


The 2016 AGM was in heated arguement but the illegal 2017 Nomination Slate of the gang was carried in  voting, support by 19 and against by 18.  The Minutes of 2016 AGM draft Minutes had never sent to the ExCom Members.


After the 2016 AGM, William Cheung had not call any meeting, Call for Nomination of 2018 Nomination, and up to now had not action Election requirement and planed the 2017 AGM. 


Newsletters from the proclaimed self appointed Chief Newsletter Editor William Cheung

IEEE Hong Kong Section Newsletter is for Section leader sending news and technical events to IEEE members in Hong Kong.  However, in reading through the below newsletters sent by the self appointed Chief Newsletter Editor, William Cheung,  It showed that he is turning the newsletter to raise false accusations and harrasement to other volunteers.  The following are the collection of defamatory Newsletters: -


 IEEE-Life Newsletter 15 Jan 2018

 IEEE-Life Newsletter 15 Feb 2017

 IEEE-Life Newsletter 15 Mar 2017

 IEEE-Life Newsletter 18 April 2017

 IEEE-Life Newsletter 18 April 2017

 IEEE-Life Newsletter 15 May 2017

 IEEE-Life Newsletter 15 June 2017

 IEEE-Life Newsletter 15 July 2017

 IEEE-Life Newsletter 15 August 2017

 IEEE-Life Newsletter 26 SEP 2017

 IEEE-Life Newsletter 17 Nov 2017

 IEEE-Life Newsletter 17 Dec 2017

 Special IEEE HK Section Newsletter Dec 2017

 IEEE HK Section Newsletter Jan 2018

 IEEE HK Section Newsletter Feb 2018

 IEEE HK Section Newsletter Mar 2018

 IEEE-Life Newsletter 26 April 2018


hope below is the last one from William Cheung who had messed up IEEE HK Section

 IEEE HK Section Newsletter 9 May 2018

 Urgent IEEE HK Section Newsletter - 4 June 2018

 --Attachement I Important Message - Appointment of Interim HK Section Officers

 --Attachment II Urgent IEEE HK Section Newsletter - 9 May 2018

 --Attachment III Complaint letter against Kukjin Chun

 --Attachment IV Reason Suspension S W Cheung

 --Attachment V 2nd Complaint letter against Kukjin Chun



Open letter to IEEE HK Section Chair on unauthorize Retraction of ICSPCC2018 HK CASCOM Chapter Sponsorship William Cheung falsely claiming himself as HK CASCOM Chapter Chair

Edward Cheung


Vice Chair
Oliver Choy


Immediate Past Chair
Ray Cheung



Ben Cheng



Peter TAM


Nim Cheung
Henry Chung
K M Luk

Committee Members

Ricky Lau

Laurie Lau

S H Leung

Y W Liu