ITFC Issues in IEEE Hong Kong Section


IEEE is an apolitical organization. 


Before the change of Hong Kong Sovereignty to China, IEEE HK Section in 1995 sent representatives to lobby the then Provisional HK Legislature in Beijing to have IEEE HK Section Members entitled the eligibility of ITFC voter in electing the ITFC Legislator in the Legislative Council in 1998.  The eligibility was approved and written in

Cap 542 - Legislative Council Ordinance Section 20Z

(d) Fellows, Senior Members and Full Members of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., Hong Kong Section, Computer Chapter entitled to vote at general meetings of the Institute; and 

(e) Fellows, Senior Members and Full Members of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., Hong Kong Section, Hong Kong Joint Chapter on Circuits and Systems/Communications entitled to vote at general meetings of the Institute; and


The eligibility is a form of recognition the status of related IEEE Members, nothing to do with politics. 


All IEEE membership applications are processed on-line in USA and there is no involvement in IEEE HK and Chapters.


IEEE HK in the past 20 years assisted certifying Member status to HK Government Registration and Electoral Office, who decides accepting the application for ITFC voter registration.   Y W Liu since 1990 served the volunteer post as Newsletter Editor and SAMIEEE Recipient.  He represented HK Section fully comply the legal requirement and getting the job done without a hitch for 20 years. 


IEEE HK Section is registered as a Society under Society Ordinance Cap. 151 in HK.  Chapters has no legal registration and is under the auspice of HK Section.  Legally Chapters cannot represent HK Section to deal with Government in ITFC issues.


According to IEEE, MGA Operation Manual Section 9 is HK Section Constitution and By-laws.  IEEE HK Chapters function as a committee under HK Section and is responsible to convene technical activities in the related technical Society fields of interests.  CASCOM Chapter never involved with the certification of member status or capable of responding to HK Government queries on the ITFC issues.


On 31/12/2016, Y W Liu was dismissed the Newsletter Editor and SAMIEEE Recipient by William Cheung.  He had changed the SAMIEEE Recipient to himself, rendering Y W Liu not able accessing the IEEE HK Section Membership Database. 


It is a pity that William Cheung did not consider the ITFC certification is the HK Section legal responsibility in the Legislative Council Ordinance and has not responded to REO requests in 2017.  He messed the situation just insists that it is the Chapters charter as stated in the recent issues of IEEE HK Newsletter.


Registration and Electoral Office is going to take legal action if William Cheung still refuses to do the duty stipulated in the Ordinance, which is a criminal offense in the Legislative Election Ordinance.


In the ICAC Vote-rigging case in 2016 Legislative Council Election, some 70 IEEE members are suspects and on bail. Y W Liu is assisting ICAC as witness and investigation is still under way.  IEEE in USA is also in contact with ICAC assisting the investigation


HK Government Administration and Home Affairs is now reviewing the legality of IEEE HK Members in ITFC registration Cap 542 - Legislative Council Ordinance Section 20Z because of the Vote-rigging Case. If the mess is not cleared, IEEE members now eligible voting in ITFC may loss the right to vote in future ITFC legislator election.


The Report is aim to give a background to all concern in the current confusion.  IEEE HK CASCOM Chapters would be facing lots of trouble in 2018.



Reported by Y W Liu

IEEE HK CASCOM Chapter founding Committee Member in 1988

IEEE HK CASCOM Chapter Chair, 1996

IEEE Hong Kong Section Chairman, 2001-2002

IEEE Region 10 Executive Committee Member, 1995-2002




Y. W. Liu


IEEE Volunteer Family Leader








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l   14 years Hong Kong Police Telecommunications Inspector, 1976 - 1989

l   15 years Hong Kong Police Telecommunications Engineer, 1989 - 2004

l   IEE Member and Charter Engineer, 1989-2006

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l   Chairman, IEEE HK Section, 2001-2002

l   IEEE HK CASCOM Joint Chapter Comiittee Member since 1988; Chairman 1996

l   Executive Committee Member, IEEE HK Section, 198-2016

l   Executive Committee Member, IEEE Asia Pacific Region since 1994-2012

廖 日 榮

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  • 香港警務處電訊工程師, 1989-2004
  • 英國電機工程師學會(IEE)會員及認可工程師 1989-2004
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  • 電機電子工程師學會亞太區幹事委員, 1994-2006
  • 電機電子工程師學會香港分會幹事委, 1990-2016


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