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  • Co-sponsor with IEEE Xian Section, CAS/COM successfully organized the IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing, Communications and Computer series: -


    The 7th one, ICSPCC2016 , was held in Xiamen, China.

    The 6th one, ICSPCC2016 , was held in Hong Kong, China.

    The 5th one, ICSPCC2015 , was held in Ningbo, China.

    The 4th one, ICSPCC2014 , was held in Guilin, China.

    The 3rd one, ICSPCC2013, was held in Kunming, China.

    The 2nd one, ICSPCC2012, was held in Hong Kong. 

    The ist one, ICSPCC2011, was held in Xian, China.





    Edward Cheung


    Vice Chair
    Oliver Choy


    Immediate Past Chair
    Ray Cheung



    Ben Cheng



    Peter TAM


    Nim Cheung
    Henry Chung
    K M Luk

    Committee Members

    Ricky Lau

    Laurie Lau

    S H Leung

    Y W Liu